Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): From the Eyes of a Data Professional

Viewing the PDF via an embed on the site is coming soon, feature in development. In the meantime, clicking the “View PDF” button above will let you read through the initial document. This is currently in its infancy and should be viewed as a rough draft. I have put it out there in the meantime to share my research and knowledge as I have gained so far.

I’ve become deeply interested in the financial services industry. This creation has been a great way for me to further explore the depths of data in investment vehicles, especially REITs as this is what the shared paper is focused on.

Additional topics I hope to explore and add:

  1. Expand on “Background” section.
    • Include more details on what a REIT is, stats regarding how many people in the US live in REIT managed properties, and any other notable details.
    • Expand on the different types of REITs.
      • Could break down data products per each.
    • Expand on the regulations and the regulatory environment that REITs are in, how they’ve changed over time, and how they may change in the future.
    • The current issues such as that of siloed data despite the property management systems used as it could vary from property to property in a portfolio.
    • Expand on the basics of REIT Taxation and Compliance
    • Expand on how REITs are analyzed by investors from retail to institutional.
  2. Include section on data culture necessary in organizations to achieve this.
  3. Review current data products if there are overlaps, difficulty level, and whether there are new ones we can identify.
  4. Review if there are additional metrics or facets to look at when approaching REITs.
  5. Add to conclusion section, very rough draft currently needs more insight and determinations.

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