About me

I'm a curious explorer. I thrive at the crossroads of philanthropy, business, and STEM topics.

Curiosity has always been my driving force.

With years of experience in consulting and entrepreneurship, I have mastered the skills of understanding the consumer, the client, and the ever-changing market dynamics. I have worked with businesses from different industries and niches so you can rely on me for yours.

I’ve spent most of these years working across different business functions. Nobody knows your business as well as you, so I take a thought-partner approach to solving your problems. By applying a bespoke, yet methodical approach, we will co-create solutions that make sense for your business. Having worked on various projects that are already live and consistently staying up-to-date on the world of business, I will provide guidance on best practices and novel ideas, leveraging first-hand experience of what does and doesn’t work.

My Interests

I firmly believe that our personal interests and hobbies enrich our professional lives, fostering creativity and offering a sense of balance. Whether it’s aviation, traveling, reading, learning a new language, or engaging in outdoor activities like skiing/snowboarding, these pursuits provide me with fresh perspectives and rejuvenate my mind.

Advocacy for causes I deeply care about, such as mental health and human rights, further shapes my character and instills empathy and understanding, qualities that are invaluable in the consulting world. Together, these elements contribute to my growth as a well-rounded individual, equipped with the diverse experiences and insights that enhance my professional endeavors.

Learning new languages
Continuously learn skills via mini projects
Taking on new hobbies

My Work