Mario Urquia

Product, Strategy, and Management Consulting

About me

I'm a consultant based in NYC, with 3+ rich years of experience in strategy, operations, research, product, and data.

I craft practical solutions,
leveraging expertise
across consulting,
time in industries,
and entrepreneurship,
to improve user experiences and address complex business challenges.

With a robust portfolio that spans business transformation, strategy, operations, research, product, and data, I’ve honed my skillset to anticipate and meet client needs in an ever-evolving landscape. My engagements span a variety of industries, giving you the confidence that my strategic insights will be valuable for your specific context.

Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in diverse areas of business transformation and strategy, from leading research-driven projects and advising on AI implementation to spearheading process re-design and product design initiatives. My hands-on experience leading projects that have delivered substantial returns gives me the ability to provide you with a range of viable strategies and innovative solutions. Collaborating with me means gaining a partner dedicated to your success, offering a multitude of possibilities that we can explore together for the best outcome.

What I do

By staying informed on emerging trends, market changes, and cutting-edge research, and combining it with a deep understanding of your strategic objectives, I create actionable roadmaps and deliver carefully crafted solutions.

I provide comprehensive guidance at every step of your journey.


A deliberate and coherent plan of action is required to achieve your desired future state. Let's innovate strategies to set you apart as a market leader.


Let's maximize operational efficiency and drive business success with expertise in organization design, process improvement, lean practices, and change management.


Gain a competitive edge with tailored business research, providing in-depth market analysis and valuable insights to drive decision-making and achieve your organization's objectives.

CX / Product

Get expert guidance and strategic insights to help you develop, refine, and launch innovative customer experiences and products that meet market needs and drive business growth.


Leverage the power of your organization's data, shape effective data strategies, and harness the potential of AI for data-driven transformation and innovation.


Emotional Intelligence
Strategy - Business, Data, AI
Research - Markets, Consumers, Technology
CX - Product Management & User Experience
Operations - Organization Design and Process Improvements
Data Visualization and Analysis - Power BI, R Studio, Tableau
Tech - Azure/AWS, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Databricks
Data Science - Python, R, SQL

My Experience

Apr 2024 - Present

Morgan Stanley


Leveraging data science and quantitative analysis in real estate to drive asset and portfolio management decisions. I lead end-to-end data & AI product development from conceptualization to launch in investment management. I ideate new applications of data & AI to understand counterparties, markets, assets, investments, and portfolios to raise investor capital, mitigate risk, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability.

Dec 2022 - Mar 2024


Senior Consultant

Led business transformation and strategy engagements, such as driving clients' transition from descriptive to prescriptive analytics, while supporting sales pursuits. Conducted research and collaborated with teams to identify novel applications of emerging tech to business use cases.

Aug 2022 - Dec 2022



Dove deeper into the world of business transformation and strategy aiding management in driving change and improving processes.

Aug 2021 - Aug 2022



Introduced into the world of business transformation where I gained hands-on experience in digital transformations, change management, and business analysis.

2019 - 2022

Publicity Makers


I plunged deep into the promotional products industry. The ride was both a learning curve and an adventure, one that led me to form meaningful partnerships and cultivate long-lasting relationships with professionals across the sector. In addition, I discovered new aspects of strategic planning and market research, all while fostering an ethical, sustainability-focused business. Each step of the way brought new challenges and rewards, contributing to my growth as a business leader and strategist.


Whiteboards for Success

I’m a major whiteboard enthusiast. Whether leading a design thinking session, client discovery, drawing out current or future states, or even to solution problems –

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